The Weekly Update - Moving Announcement Time!


Moving Announcement!

Before I get to the announcement, I want to point out the cover I used to headline this entry from Justice League #8. If you have never read this run of Justice League by DeMatteis, Giffen, MacGuire, and others, you really should. It’s one of my all time favorites and features an Oreo-cookie addled Martian Manhunter. You’ll just have to trust me.

To the point, though! The More Fun Game Center is Moving! But it isn’t far! In fact, it is just to the back half of the building the More Fun Game Center is already occupying. Our landlord was approached by another business that should be a great fit up front, and our lease was winding down, so we sat down and worked out a moving deal everyone is thrilled about! We’ll have more space for games, a new neighbor, everyone wins! Our target date to open in the new space if February 27th, tell your friends and help spread the word!

Oh hey look, new comics!


Daredevil #1

Chip Zdarsky is the newest writer to try his hand at a character who's history of creators rivals the biggest in the business.
I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but this is a book I’m really looking forward to checking out.


Green Lantern #4

If you aren’t reading Grant Morrison’s new run on Green Lantern, you should do yourself a favor and change that. Morrison brings his special brand of inventiveness to the Green Lantern world, and Liam Sharp’s art is the best it has ever been. We have all the issues still in stock, drop by and check it out!


This week walls should start disappearing around the Square store, so please excuse the noise. On top of that, we’re getting ready for the ComicsPRO meeting in Charlotte in two weeks! I look forward to being able to write about that after I get back. Talk to you again soon!

- Tim

Tim Stoltzfus