Welcome to The Blog!

Welcome to the More Fun Comics and Games Blog!

I’m your host and owner of More Fun Comics and Games, Tim Stoltzfus, and I look forward to this journey with all of you!

I figure the best way to kick off this blog is with a made up FAQ to set the stage for what is to come here. So without further ado, here’s the fake questions, and they’re in bold!

Why all the exclamation points?
Because I’m excited to be here! Really, I am. I really, genuinely love the field I work in and being able to share that with others is the reason I’m here. I’ll keep the exclamation points to a minimum, but I hope you understand that I do not take my use of them lightly.

So what is the “reason I’m here”?
If you mean this blog, it is in large part because my work keeps me away from the counter and the day to day of the store most days. Thing is, that’s what I always enjoyed the most, but as the years have gone by, the work requirements of running the store have pulled me away from the counter. I still enjoy what I do, but as I have often said to my employees, I’d be happy to clean the store and talk to customers all day if someone else could do all the tax paperwork for me. As it is, I’m the one who has to do those things, and I haven’t figured out how to put more hours in the day, so I am excited to work on a new form of communicating directly with everyone who visits More Fun Comics and Games!

If you mean me and the business in general, it’s simple, I love it. I’ve been a comic and gaming nerd since I was a kid. I never let go of it, and as I grew older, my appreciation for the art form of comics and the community around comics and games grew. This is where my passion is, so a long time ago I made a decision to put my energy here and have been doing so ever since.

What do you hope to accomplish at this blog?
I want to do a few things here, so in no particular order:
Talk about specific projects I love.
Learn how to use website editing tools to create a cool blog website experience.
Discuss the day to day issues of the comics business at large.
Discuss the day to day issues of the business of doing business in my community.
Announce awesome projects and events we’re doing at the stores.
….and whatever else seems appropriate.

What else will seem appropriate?
I’m aiming to keep this blog focused on comics, games, related things like the astonishingly amazing incredible Into the Spiderverse movie, and local Denton events in which we’re involved. Things I feel fall out of that area, I plan to write about on a personal blog which you’re invited to read, but that will be an entirely different realm of discussion.

Ok, cool, so now what?
Good question! Let’s see what comes out next week? I might talk about that. What are the big announcements at ComicsPRO? Maybe that. Or….you could e-mail me! You can ALWAYS e-mail me at morefuncomicsandgames@gmail.com! Shoot me an e-mail and ask me whatever you like! I can’t guarantee I’ll answer, but I will do my best! If you don’t want me to use your name in a response, please let me know.

And with that, I’m signing off this initial post. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail me anytime and I’ll be thrilled to talk about what is on your mind! The e-mail address is morefuncomicsandgames@gmail.com

Tim Stoltzfus
Owner, More Fun Comics and Games

Tim Stoltzfus